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Marketing automation software to automate all your marketing & sales tasks, sales & service workflows, lead generation & lead nurturing. Widest range of free marketing automation tools.

Marketing Automation Software
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What is Marketing Automation software?

Marketing automation software is a platform that helps online businesses streamline and automate marketing and sales processes and improve the overall efficiency. It can be great for business growth.

With marketing automation software, small and medium businesses can send automated messages to target leads and customers via SMS, email, web and social channels, based on customer behavior and actions. Several rules or workflows can be designed to automate messages and channels best suited for the case. Marketing and sales departments use marketing automation to automate online marketing campaigns and sales activities to increase revenue and maximize efficiency. When automation is used effectively to handle repetitive tasks, human error is reduced and employees become free to address higher-priority tasks.

Marketing automation systems help marketers and sales teams boost revenue growth and maximize efficiency across various use cases including lead generation, engaging and nurturing leads, lead scoring, customer service and retention, customer delight, and a lot more.

The benefits of marketing automation for small businesses


Improved lead management and nurturing




Enhanced targeting and personalization


Seamless campaign execution and tracking


Increase efficiency and productivity

How to get maximum ROI from Marketing Automation software?

Marketing automation is not limited to simply marketing but it is also about completely automating your entire customer journey across the marketing, sales and service teams. The ultimate goal is to streamline all the business processes, improve the overall efficiency and expedite the growth of the business.

To get the most of the marketing automation and the maximum ROI, streamlining has to done across all the following avenues:

Features of EngageBay's Free Marketing Automation Platform

Streamline marketing, sales and support using a single software

For maximum efficiency, growth and best ROI from your marketing automation software, the processes across all the departments - marketing, sales and support have to be automated and need to work in conjunction. Say goodbye to operating in silos and welcome an integrated approach to ensure that the customer gets the best possible experience across teams in your organization. - marketing , sales and support have to be automated and work in conjunction. Say goodbye to operating in silos and welcome to an integrated approach to ensure customer gets the best possible experience across the teams in your organization.

Use EngageBay's integrated marketing, sales, service and free CRM platform to streamline all your processes and set up automation rules using our advanced marketing automation platform. Enhance overall efficiency and boost growth!

EngageBay's Marketing Automation Platform

Easy to Build - Visual Designer

EngageBay's drag and drop visual builder brings you the simplest way to design your marketing and sales workflows with our intelligent, easy to use visual builder tool. Simply drag and drop components/blocks into the builder and configure your flow in minutes with zero learning curve. Bring out your creative side!

free marketing automation Visual designer

Drip Email Campaigns

Set up email sequences once and let our system send the queued emails automatically as per defined schedule. Stay in touch with your leads while freeing up time for more productive tasks. Email sequences can be used in onboarding or customer education where a customer can be nurtured over time by sending emails periodically.

drip email campaigns marketing automation

Predictive Lead Scoring

EngageBay automates the lead scoring process to ensure you spend less time on qualifying leads. All you have to do is set up triggers which automatically increase/decrease lead scores based on individual activities (email opens, link clicks, website visits, etc) that you think needs a score. Pass these leads on to your sales team once the lead scoring model qualifies them. Reach out to the hottest leads!

predictive lead scoring in engagebay

Smart Customer Segmentation

Set up rules to automatically segment your customers based on their behavior (email opens, clicks, completed an action, not completed an action, etc). Save the segments or tag customers and then run smart personalized marketing campaigns using our free marketing automation software to nurture and convert these leads to customers. Keep the sales coming!

segment customers in engagebay

Email Personalization

Personalization is an extremely powerful weapon in your lead-nurturing arsenal. Use our merge tags to personalize emails with a contact's name, company, location, interests and more. Send information/offers related to their interests based on customers' browsing activities. Convert better!

email personalization in engagebay

Track Prospects

Use our powerful tracker to keep track of your prospects' online actions. Be notified when someone opens an email or clicks a link in the email. Get insights into customers' browsing patterns. Set up automation based on these actions to engage with hot leads just at the right time and increase conversions.

track prospects in engagebay

Engage Web Visitors

Track the customer behaviour and setup cool web forms to engage casual web visitors and convert them into happy customers. Set up rules to show the right message at the right time (on exit or when the visitor spent a certain time on a web page, etc). Customize the web pop ups completely to suit your website theme and taste.

Engage web visitors through engagebay marketing automation

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This video starts by explaining what is marketing automation. It then proceeds to explain why it is important for small businesses. Then it covers elements that help make up the automation strategy of all marketing departments.

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Marketing Automation Software FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Who really uses marketing automation?

    Any company of any size can use marketing automation, and many do. From startups to small businesses, mid-size companies (SMB), larger brands, and even Fortune 500s, marketing automation has become rampant.

    Business-to-business or B2B companies were among the first to take on this form of automation. Specifically, their B2B marketing automation included the business services, manufacturing, and software and tech industries. Now, more B2B companies have come aboard, as have business-to-consumer or B2C companies. In retail, entertainment, media, finances, and healthcare industries, B2C marketing automation provides valuable insights. For instance, these industries can study their average customer lifecycle, review the customer’s progress in the sales funnel, and track engagement per customer. Better yet, they can do all this in real time.

    Whether you’re a company in the starting stages or one that’s better established, there’s no reason to avoid marketing automation.

  • Do small businesses need marketing automation?

    Yes, you need marketing automation even as a small business or startup. Most small businesses pinch pennies until they can bring in consistent revenue. Extra expenses also often get put off until that time.

    Investing in marketing automation in the early days can help your small business in several ways. For one, you’re strengthening your marketing approach from the get-go. That means more leads, fewer missed opportunities for conversions, and—hopefully—more sales.

    Also, given that you’re a small business, you probably have only a handful of employees, right? That’s the standard for companies of this size, after all. You plan to hire more employees when you can afford to pay more people. In the meantime, marketing automation can fill in the gaps. You can use it to send emails, start and manage campaigns, post to social media, and track campaign success, to name a few purposes.

    Marketing automation makes you feel like you have more employees than you really do. It also simplifies the lives of the employees you do have. No longer do they have to sit in front of the computer to send that one email or post on social media at a specific time. They can schedule messages and then get back to other important tasks.

  • Is marketing automation useful for growing my business?

    Absolutely, marketing automation can help you grow and succeed in your business ventures. There are three main areas in which you’ll benefit most from using marketing automation. These include the retention of customers, lead nurturing, and inbound lead generation.

    The customers you do have make up the backbone of your business. That becomes especially truer if you’re a small business with an equally small audience base. You want each customer you do have to stick around while making new customers from lead conversions.

    With marketing automation, you can create profiles for each of your customers. These offer you a comprehensive 360-degree view into all parts of your customer and who they are. That includes their behaviors, firmographics, and data like their gender, age, location, sometimes even their job title and income. From there, you have the freedom to organize your audience into buckets and then market towards them with targeted campaigns.

    Marketing automation can also assist you in generating more leads for your small business. With inbound marketing, in which you rely on social media, websites, landing pages, blogs, and more, you can capture the attention of more leads. By personalizing these pages, you appeal to the interests of your lead segments.

    After you gain their interest, you can use lead nurturing services through marketing automation to maintain it. Besides that, you may also open up lead communications, often through several channels. With lead scoring, you can determine which of your leads would make the most ideal customers and then gravitate towards them. It’s then up to you to convert them.

  • Why use EngageBay?

    EngageBay is an all-in-one solution with sales, marketing, service with free marketing automation and CRM software. They work with small businesses and startups.

    In the Marketing Bay area of the software, you can access EngageBay’s small business marketing platform. With marketing automation, you’ll boost engagement, lead gen rates, conversions, customer retention, and sales.

    Automated email sequences let you tap into your warm leads and get them ready to buy and convert. With EngageBay, you can also personalize the emails you send before you automate them. It’s easier than ever with one-click personalization elements. If you want to segment your audience via lead scoring or other methods, automation does the hard work for you.

    You can also schedule your social media posts with an EngageBay account so you never miss primetime for engagement. From Facebook to Twitter and more, you’ll keep your accounts full of great content.

    Analytics reports allow you to track your delivery and performance across your automated marketing campaign. From subscribers to those who unsubscribed, open rates, and click-through rates, you won’t have a single question about how well your campaign did.

    Linking a marketing and sales team together so they work in tandem rather than accidentally opposing each other.

    You can try a demo of EngageBay or sign up for free. The Basic plan costs $8.99 a month for each user, the Growth plan $17.99 a month, and the Pro plan $47.99. You can even get a custom plan. CRM use is always free with EngageBay.

  • What is the best time to invest in marketing automation?
    • You shouldn’t delay in getting good marketing automation systems going for your business, whether big or small. Here’s several points to sit down and seriously consider before you buy a marketing automation software:
    • If you’re already using lead nurturing but you’re considering increasing the size of your operations, you’re ready for marketing automation.
    • If you want more means of connecting with and tracking your leads, you need marketing automation.
    • If you want to more closely study your buyer’s journey from start to finish, you’re ready for marketing automation.
    • If you have a lot of leads but you’re not necessarily converting them all, then it’s time for marketing automation. The same applies if you’re getting a sudden influx of leads but you’re not sure how to manage them all.
  • What is the purpose of marketing automation?

      Marketing automation has many purposes, which we’ll talk about now. They include the following:

    • Preventing the need to hire more staff to take care of tasks that automation can do for you.
    • Reducing the need to sit in front of a computer to send emails or make posts on social media at optimal times for the most engagement.
    • Eliminating any reason for us people to do tasks that we deem too repetitive or time-consuming.
    • Providing proven methods for capturing and segmenting leads. For instance, you can score leads to find the best fit for your business’ products/services and then market towards them.
    • Understanding your customers’ respective journeys while nurturing relationships and boosting customer retention.
    • Linking a marketing and sales team together so they work in tandem rather than accidentally opposing each other.
    • Boosting open and click-through rates with emails as well as enjoying higher engagement rates, conversion rates, and sales.
    • Reporting and analytics on data like ROI and marketing campaign success rate that let you replicate your success or take a fresh approach for next time.
  • Which is the best marketing automation platform for your business?

      Almost countless marketing automation platforms exist, making it hard to narrow down your choices. We recommend you consider the following questions as you decide:

    • Does the automation service include features you’ll actually rely on or does it come with a bunch of stuff you can’t envision yourself trying?
    • How helpful and responsive is the marketing automation vendor?
    • What’s their customer service like? Do they have nine-to-five hours or can you reach out to them 24/7? Can you contact them online as well as by phone?
    • Is it an all-in-one software or do you have to use web services and outside tools to make the most of it?
    • How time-efficient is the software? Do you find yourself saving or losing time by using it?
    • Do you have to accommodate for delays if you transfer information and data from one system to another, such as to customer relationship management or CRM software?
    • Will the automation software provide detailed analytics with metrics that matter to you?
    • How simple is it to start and deploy a marketing campaign?
    • How easily can you add extra users if need be?
    • What’s the learning curve like? Can you and your staff quickly pick up the system and figure it out or does it take longer to fully understand?
    • How much will it cost you per month or per year to use the software?
Engagebay works pretty well with my business. I was using ActiveCampaign but the costs were adding up quite quickly. I tried other platforms but the automation sequence offered by ActiveCampaign is not easy to find, until, I got Engagebay. The platforms offer an awesome automation platform for emails, plus landing pages and forms. It works quite well and can be a perfect substitute.
testimonial by Leonardo

Leonardo W.

Founder, Wolff Consultoria
The software is easy to set up and implement. I feel EngageBay is quickly becoming a marketing automation competitor to the premium SAAS offerings. EngageBay's customer support has been very responsive and helped me resolve an implementation issue almost immediately.
testimonial by Shawn

Shawn L.

Marketing Manager, List Biological Laboratories, Inc
All its tools and functions are good, but what I like most are the automation and programming in social networks along with landing pages, pop-ups, and forms that together help me increase traffic and in the short term generate sales.
testimonial by Dioshai

Dioshai G.

Web Developer, Huawei Technologies
Most basic and advanced tools you need in your online business is inside Engagebay, from lead generation, email marketing, page builder, CRM (alternative for Hubspot and Infusionsoft) and my most favorite is the marketing automation.
testimonial by Jan

Jan Patrick T.

Executive Managing Broker, Greatway Financial Inc.
This product is just like HubSpot. I cannot believe the price, so far I've used it for 2 weeks and those guys have added 2 features more.
testimonial by Ivana

Ivana B.

Founder, New Marketing.Agency
I like how they give you access to all these marketing and CRM/sales features in one dashboard. It could easily replace a number of other tools you are using right now. Pricing is fair for what you get too and I also really like the file repository feature that bigger marketing teams will really appreciate. I would be happy to recommend this tool to my clients.
testimonial by Paul

Paul T.

eMarketing Strategist, Paul Therond Consulting
I love the landing page builder and ability to import a URL and basically create any type of landing page. This makes creating funnels super easy. You can then customize it to suit your needs. I also liked the fact that the landing pages and automation were all in the same tool. This saves time and makes it so much easier to do email marketing.
testimonial by Vandana

Vandana Taxali

Intellectual Property, Digital Media & Entertainment Lawyer
Here are so many things you can do with EngageBay. If you are into scored lead-management, it has many features for that. It has VERY impressive landing page builders and email templates. That alone makes it a very quality service.
testimonial by Kyle

Kyle L.

Web Developer, design & develop
I highly recommend the tool. It's an awesome tool for a startup like us.
testimonial by Garma

Garma Gay D.

Technical Helpdesk Support Analyst, Atos
A full-featured marketing platform. With this, you have all you need to get started and succeed. Having all in one platform make any marketer job much easier.
testimonial by Santiago

Santiago B.

Southern Europe Director, Triptease
Enabled me to easily capture details of interested parties for my products. Ease of use Feature set. Excellent customer service.
testimonial by raymond

Raymond B.

IT Project Manager, BespokeIT/Corp Networking Limited
It covers everything a small business sales/marketing team needs.
testimonial by Gergely

Gergely Csaba N.

Online Marketing, Chamaileon
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