Custom Tickets View

Tickets view options with unlimited customization, free! Custom ticket views help customer support agents deliver best-in-class service.

Custom ticket views

Flexible ticket views to suit everyone!

Views help you organize your tickets by grouping them into lists based on different criteria. You can create a view for solved tickets that are assigned to you, a view for new tickets that need to be assigned, or a view for pending tickets. Using views can help you determine which tickets need attention from you or your team and plan accordingly.

A view consists of one or more conditions that define a collection of tickets to display. If the conditions are met, the ticket is included in the view. By using views you can easily search for tickets based on different criteria.

Sorting Tickets Made Easy

Support team receives numerous tickets every day. EngageBay’s Views option makes it easy to sort the tickets based on different criteria (lets you organize tickets based on a ticket's properties). Views are important for managing the ticket flow as they enable you to sort the tickets as they progress through the ticket lifecycle.

sorting tickets in engagebay

Simple yet powerful reporting

View all open, pending, unresolved tickets at a glance. Get a complete grasp of your support processes and numbers using our powerful tracking system. All the data you require to make meaningful decisions is available at your fingertips.

service reporting in engagebay

Create your own views

Not satisfied with our predefined views? EngageBay also lets you create new views based on different conditions. Create Views based on status, type, last created, updates, etc. Agents can easily sort unassigned tickets or pending tickets using views and start working on them.

create your own views in engagebay
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