Agent Support Groups for Ticket Assignment

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Support groups

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Support groups with automated routing

Route your customer service queries automatically to the right customer service support groups with EngageBay CRM automation features. Try the free software and create any number of support groups based on location, product, service skills, etc. The software can sort incoming customers queries and alert all members of the relevant support group. You can also create a default support group that automatically adds every new sales or service rep.

Agent support groups in engagebay

Notifications for support groups

With EngageBay’s intelligent customer relationship management (CRM) features, you can cut down your team management stress. The free customer service software will automatically send notifications to all members of a support group when a new request is received, and also after a service request stays unopened or pending. Forget about micro-managing now.

Advanced ticket routing in engagebay

Mask your support group email

EngageBay is designed to improve your business’ customer relations, so we have got you covered on many fronts. The software lets you use your own domain name for brand consistency even when you are responding to specific product or service queries from your different support groups. You can mask your in-app support group email and redirect all the responses via the standard email address you use for your business-to-customer (B2C) communications.

Redirect Responses in engagebay
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